Greenwich Advisors Limited is a diversified professional financial, management and business development consultancy incorporated in Ghana in March 2000 to provide high quality consulting services.

The firm has high calibre professionals with backgrounds in finance, banking, accounting, taxation, economics, marketing and human resources management. In addition, Greenwich Advisors Limited retains a roster of associate consultants and advisors to serve clients in all sectors of the economy.
Our services include:
Economics & Financial Research
Corporate Finance
Funds Sourcing
Business Promotion Services
Enterprise Development
Human Resources Management Services
Real Estate Consulting
Greenwich Advisors Limited undertakes research on economic and financial issues and assists clients in finding solutions to problems pertaining to specific sectors of their businesses. The firm offers a full range of corporate financial services, which include privatisation and divestiture, research, private placements and preparation of information memoranda.
The company uses its existing local and international networks to link foreign clients who require local advisors in promoting their investments in Ghana. We offer a unique interface for global delivery of foreign direct investment opportunities, as well as linking small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with funding sources.
Our business promotion and enterprise development services include arranging and managing business negotiations, seminars, conferences and presentations for clients. It also includes entrepreneurial development programmes and business development services. Greenwich Advisors Limited also provides human resources management services for corporate clients. This includes executive search and career placement, employee development training programmes, employee motivation and productivity enhancement services.
Business Model
Greenwich Advisors Limited is a diversified management consultancy firm with compe- tencies in a wide range of areas. Find out how we can meet your specific need.
  Mission | Vision  
  Our LOGO: ‘Pempamsie’.  
This traditional Akan ‘adinkra’ symbol literally means ‘sew and keep’. It signifies precaution and readiness, and calls for the need to exhibit foresight and precaution in readiness for the future. It encourages thoughtful planning and warns against procrastination.
This logo is the guiding principle of Greenwich Advisors Limited